About us

Find out a little more about the people that make Channel Training, Channel Training


About Us

Find out a little about the people who make Channel Training, Channel Training.


About us

Channel Training is a private training company based in arguably one of the finest outdoor destinations in the UK, Exmoor and the Bristol Channel.  Providing high quality professional and personal development courses as well as clear pathways into employment through apprenticeships and instructor training courses.

We really like people and seeing them achieve; in everything we do we work really hard to make ourselves as redundant as possible. Not great business you might think, but developing a person’s independence in the activity they enjoy is where genuine job satisfaction lies.  Whether it’s developing someone’s open water swimming confidence and awareness to someone taking their first paddle strokes on a SUP, we just love being part of that journey.

Meet the team

Jim Whittaker

“The more time I spend in the outdoors the more I realise that for most of us it’s not the rock, rain or sunshine that keeps us…

Darren Sherwood

” I really enjoy the problem-solving element of working with different clients in varying environments – what one or two elements…

Dan Brice

“Seeing the clients fully engaged in the session/course and going away having learned new skills in an enjoyable…

Caroline Young

Caroline is responsible for internal quality assurance within the Channel apprenticeship programme and brings a wealth…

Flora Oxley

“I love working with different people! So far, my time in the industry has allowed me to do this in a variety of different countries…

Chloe Seaborne

“Being part of the development and growing passion of new industry professionals is an invaluable experience…..

Becks Ball

“My passion is being outside and enjoying the outdoors for whatever it has to offer, whether it be mountain biking through the forest…

Pete Organ

Put simply; I love being outdoors! I don’t mind where or what I am doing because I truly believe there is an adventure everywhere you look