There is no question that plastic pollution is firmly in the public eye at the moment with several high-profile campaigns with well-known celebrities putting their names to them. On a recent SUP surf session, I was surfing in a bay with a light wind blowing into the bay and was shocked by just how much rubbish and plastic was in the water. This was at arguably one of the most picturesque spots in the South West, with lots of bins and a regular rubbish collections and street sweepers.  What was most worrying was the plastic bags that were literally breaking apart into ever smaller pieces as I tried to get them out of the water. The tide then turned and it was all gone off out to sea. I’m certainly no eco warrior and am painfully aware of the hypocrisy of talking “green” when I drive a car with rubber tyres, full of oil and diesel and live in a centrally heated house surrounded by plastics and worse. But I can certainly try to reduce my impact on the environment and where I can make it better. A simple thing I do when I go outdoors is take more than I leave – this might be picking up a crisp packet when out with the dogs or picking up discarded fishing line or a plastic bottle after I’ve been surfing or paddling. Yes, it’s only one crisp packet but there are 65 million people living in the UK, if everyone picked up one piece of rubbish then that’s a lot of rubbish not finding its way into water courses, the oceans and ultimately the food chain. Green Peace have put together this short online test to see what your plastic usage is annually, I took it and got 645 pieces a year! The main area I’ll look to reduce is take away coffee cups; I do quite a bit of driving and often stop for a brew on the way, but it all adds up. Give it a go, be honest and see what you can do to reduce your score in the future.

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