Pete Organ

Apprenticeship Tutor & Lead Trainer

‘Put simply; I love being outdoors! I don’t mind where or what I am doing because I truly believe there is an adventure everywhere you look. Working in the outdoor education sector affords me the opportunity to share my passion with others, motivating people who are learning in the outdoors inspires me to learn more, travel further and open my eyes wider’

‘I find myself in a boat or on a board a lot but only because it allows me to interact with the world around me in such a unique way, I think we owe it to ourselves to be part of nature not just to stand and look at it.’

Pete has been working and playing in the outdoors since a young age, with a career that has included working with some of the largest, most established activity holiday companies in Europe, he has a great knowledge of the industry especially watersports based training qualifications. Pete continues to work with many of the national governing and awarding bodies to stay at the forefront of best practice while helping to shape both existing and new qualifications.

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