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First Aid in Schools.

We are delighted to hear that from 2020, First Aid and CPR will become part of all state school curriculum. We have spent years teaching people the important life-saving skills that we believe everyone should know. This has been something that we have been waiting for...

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The IP metaphor – don’t fall for it

Our brains just don't work like computers.  They don't store data.  They recall experiences. Have a look at this fantastic piece by Robert Epstein:  The Empty Brain We're not Information Processors - and we should stop trying to explain our brains this way with the IP...

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Outdoor Events – why do we love them?

Outdoor Events are becoming more and more popular - we've seen a huge rise in participation over the past few years in every type of event from traditional triathlons to 48 hour mountain marathons.  The rise of tough and muddy weekends is seemingly unstoppable!  Here...

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